You will board one of our comfortable, air-conditioned coaches and drive through the centre of Messina up to the motorway to Palermo. The coach ride to Tindari will last approximately 40 minutes.
Tindari, once known as Tyndaris, is an interesting archaeological site. The town was built in 396 b.C. by Dyonisius, and it is home to a shrine consecrated to the Black Madonna. It is a fascinating, small collection of houses, a tranquil and peaceful oasis atop a cliff that overlooks the sea and the Eolian Islands.
The coach will stop at a car park. From there you will take a walking tour of the Cathedral (the Shrine), where you will see the original wood statue of the Black Madonna. According to tradition, this statue was wiped off of its original location by a tremendous sea storm and eventually washed ashore.
You will then continue on and visit the local archaeological site – the remains of the Roman City, with its Basilica and Greek Theatre.
Following on you will have some free time to enjoy a coffee or buy a few souvenirs. You will then go back to the car park, hop on the coach and head to the boat.


  • 12.00 - Departure from Messina.
  • 13.30 - Lunch at a typical local restaurant.
  • 13.30/14.15 - Drive along the scenic route to Tindari.
  • 14.15 - Arrival inTindariand walking tour.
  • 14.30/14.45 - Visit the Shrine.
  • 15.00/16.00 - Visit the archaelogical site.
  • 16.00/16.30 - Free time.
  • 16.30 - Return to the coach.
  • 16.45 - Departure from Tindari.
  • 17.30 - Arrival in Messina.

Cost: 35 Euros per person. Food and beverage at local restaurant included. (minimum 4 partecipanti)

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