The Legend of Fata Morgana

People say that at the end of his military expetidion in order to free Sicily from Arab hands, Roger the Norman led his soldiers to Calabria, but after observing the Straits of Messina he regretted having no fleet to cross the sea.

While walking along the coast in Calabria, Roger saw the beautiful Lady Morgana, king Arthur's sister, emerge from the blue water of the Straits, riding a seven-horse-riden coach. She offered the king her coach to carry him to Sicily and, with the purpose of making the opposite side of the Straits seem nearer than it really was, she threw three white stones in to the water; these three stones suddenly turned into magnificent palaces and into luxuriant almond and orange gardens. Sicily looked to Roger so near that he thought he could have touched by raising his own hands.

Nevertheless, the king refused the offer made by Lady Morgana, pretty decided to conquer Sicily by the honour and the value of his troops instead of by magic.

After the king's refusal, Lady Morgana retired in her enchated castle deep in the water of the Straits, where she still lives and where she still practises witchcraft.

Since that day, when Lady Morgana and Roger met on the Straits of Messina, an incredible optical phenomenon has been happening on the Straits, and people call it "Lady Morgana", that is a mirage alike: during hot and sultry days, the observer gets the optical impression of seeing buildings, houses, gardens of the opposite coast stand in the middle of the Straits, so that the observer looking the phenomenon from the Sicilian coast gets the impression to see a second Reggio Calabria and mutually, the observer in Calabria sees "another Messina" trembling in the blue water of the Straits.

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